Turn Around: Take A New Look At Our Jeans


As you know, here at Madewell we’re pretty obsessed with all things denim (and always have been). Well this fall, we’ve changed up everything about our jeans—the fit, the fabric, the works—to make the pair of your dreams (and ours).

Today’s the day of the big debut—our new denim just hit stores and online. It has tons more stretch, never bags out and does some pretty life-altering things to the rearview. Click over to our Denim Bar to find your favorite fit. (It’s hard to pick favorites but we’re partial to The Skinny Skinny Jeans like the ones featured up top there). We’ve got free shipping and returns on all jeans from madewell.com so you can try on a bunch at home, stress-free, risk-free, and freakout-free (well, you get it). Or swing by the store and try them on. We’re pretty sure the dressing room experience will go like this: Slip on. Zip up. Turn Around. Nod slowly. Smile.

Keep us posted on how it goes: #denimmadewell.