Ode to the Summer Nap

If there ever was a time to stretch out in the sun and enjoy an afternoon snooze, now is it. There’s something so blissfully appealing about a nap in summer, when the long days stretch before you and the heat just puts you in a lazy-hazy state. Clearly, this is not a season specific ritual (hello, siesta time in Spain) but chances are you might actually have a few days off now, or a couple of uncharted hours that don’t involve darting from here to there and back again. With that in mind, we present five oh-so-peaceful places to nod off for a bit. Enjoy the zzz’s.


Swinging from a hammock in any of these beachy spots.

On a sleeping porch of your own design.

In your bed, with extra pillows.

With exotic bird sounds or a babbling brook in the background.

In a shady spot on the grass, anywhere!