Sneak peek: Caroline de Maigret shows off our fall collection

Listen, we’ll admit it: We’ve got a thing for the endlessly stylish and refreshingly low-key Caroline de Maigret. To call it a girl crush wouldn’t be quite right as that schoolgirl term doesn’t capture the respect we have for this very clever, confident and refreshingly straightforward woman. (Not familiar with this Parisian model, music producer, mom and muse to many? Take a gander at her Instagram. After five seconds—or five photos, whichever comes first—we think you’ll be a fan too.)


That’s why we’re happy to share that Caroline takes center stage in our fall style guide, which debuts in just a few short weeks (September 10th to be exact! To make sure you get yours, sign up and we’ll send you one, stat!). And be sure to swing back here too—we’ll be sharing a few playlists and style tips from Caroline that you’re probably going to want to steal. (Spoiler alert: She’s got a complexion-saving trick involving a candle that you’ll want to use on your next Friday night out.)