From Paris With Love

Our affection for the City of Light is fervent and longstanding (as is evident from our flying-off-the-racks Linen Paris Tee, which has become a fast favorite with our stylish friends, including W magazine’s fashion director, Karla Martinez, who sported hers during New York Fashion Week).


Photo by Bryan Derballa.

And there’s a lot to l’amour: that postcard-perfect skyline, the multitude of masterpieces for your viewing pleasure, the way every woman you see on the street is the picture of unfussy elegance and, of course, the shopping.

Our love runs so deep that we, ahem, want to display it proudly across a tee. But for our fellow Francophiles who can’t make the trip across the Atlantic—and those of you who are patiently awaiting your backordered Paris tee—we present a list (plus, fun facts) of six stops that bring “Paris” closer to home. (Translation: You won’t need a passport to get there.)

Paris, Virginia

In the midst of Virginia’s hunting country with the Appalachian Trail nearby, this town is beyond small—it’s miniscule. Population at last count? 51.

Paris, Missouri

This tiny farming town in central Missouri is the birthplace of Mary Margaret McBride, known as the “first lady of radio” for her pioneering efforts for women in journalism.

Paris, Kentucky

The city’s motto is “horses, history and hospitality,” but they can also add swimsuits to that—the one that Mark Spitz wore in the 1972 Summer Olympic Games was famously manufactured here.

Paris, Texas

Dubbed the “second largest Paris in the world,” this Texas city (which inspired the 1984 film Paris, Texas) boasts its own Eiffel Tower—with a cowboy hat perched at the top.

Paris, Tennessee

The Tennessee town is home to the world’s biggest fish fry, which happens every April and requires over five tons of catfish.

Paris, Arkansas

Known as the “gateway to Mount Magazine” (the highest peak in the state), this Paris also has some killer views.