Labels We Love: Penfield


We adore fall, and not just for all the pumpkin-flavored treats: There’s no better time of year to get outdoors. There’s backpacking and climbing for the adventurous,  and nature walks and afternoon apple picking for the rest. It’s easy to get inspired to go exploring. Things are finally cooling down, and while the weather can be unpredictable, that’s part of the fun.

That’s also why we’re turning our attention to Penfield®, a Massachusetts-based label that has perfected all-season outerwear. With smart details and the sort of meticulous construction made to last for years, we can’t get enough. Penfield’s refreshing takes on essential outerwear will make you rethink the flannel, the windbreaker, the parka and the puffy vest. The company was founded in 1975, and has mastered New England heritage-inspired pieces that look amazing while making the elements surrender. Rain and wind, you’ve met your match.