Our Love Letter to Chimala

It’s hard to believe, but we’ve found a team that’s as obsessed with making meticulously perfect jeans as we are. Noriko Machida, head honcho behind the New York-based Chimala, takes denim to a whole different level—one that makes our jeans-loving hearts skip 10 different beats. We just got a new batch of their very rare denim, so pardon us while we freak out a little bit and count the ways we love Chimala.


1. The way you can spot them in a crowd (or from 10 feet away). From the consistently flattering fit to the distinct washes, these jeans are without a doubt eye-catching. And we mean that in the head-turning, getting-stopped-in-the-street kind of way.

2. The way the “white destroy” wash is not so white. It’s a creamy hue that you won’t find on the color spectrum. The closest thing we can compare it to is an artist’s unfinished canvas—which makes us like it even more.

3. The way the threads dangle just-so at the ankle. A raw-edge hem means the Japanese selvedge denim (the holy grail of jeans fabrics) has that perfectly distressed finishing touch.

4. The way they are not so easy to find. We’re one of the few places in the world to carry these jeans and that’s totally an added bonus. It just ups the special, have-to-have factor even more.

5. The way you look and feel in them. These words speak for themselves. A five-star reviewer says that they’re “the perfect length for motorcycle boots, sneakers, sandals, whatever. Comfortable beyond belief and worth every penny!”

Want to see the jeans (along with other amazing non-denim styles) in action? Just click over here and take a peek.