Meet our #WildlySimple Winners

It might seem a like an oxymoron: the impossible choice. But when sifting through the visual treasure trove that was our #wildlysimple contest submissions, we had a tough time choosing just three winners. Meet the follow-worthy shutterbugs who caught our eye and still have us double-tapping.

Arlena Armstrong, @astrongarm


The Pittsburgh native’s head-to-toe outfit Instagrams have us mentally packing for our next trip—we’ll be using her hand-printed stationery instead of souvenir shop postcards.

Anna Jepson, @annajepson


From her klutz-proof photographic recipes to color-themed inspiration sets, Anna Jepson has mastered the art of the modern triple threat. (That is, stylish, whip smart and a total pro in the kitchen.)

Lauren Yates, @ponytailjournal


The model and “pursuer of goodness” living the “funnest life possible” runs such a wanderlust-inspiring Instagram feed, she could sell us bottled air (which, from the shores of the beaches she surfs every morning, we’d happily take).

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