One Dress To Wear, Four Screenwriters To Admire

It’s official: Layering season is here. Our Ponte Screenplay Dress is the perfect starting point—just add tights and a cardi. Cute (cap sleeves, twirly skirt) and comfortable (loads of stretch), this new-for-fall style has a name that’s got us thinking about our favorite female screenwriters. Read on for our top four picks and the films they scripted. We’ll be (re)watching them for our next few at-home movie nights.


Sofia Coppola

It’s no surprise that this cool-as-a-cucumber writer/director has the magic touch when it comes to both eye-pleasing and heart-wrenching films (The Virgin Suicides, Lost in Translation, Marie Antoinette). Her lesser-known debut is also a must-see: 1998’s Lick The Star was shot on 16 mm black-and-white film, is just 14 minutes long and makes seventh grade seem downright cutthroat in the best way possible.

Elizabeth Meriwether

A Yale alum who tells it like it is, Meriwether creates sharp, funny takes on real-life scenarios that translate equally well to both the big screen (No Strings Attached) and small screen (New Girl), for double the viewing pleasure.

Diablo Cody

This Oscar-winning maverick spins out quote-worthy gold (“Honest to blog?”) as she reveals her tongue-firmly-in-cheek expertise on the teenage mind and the grown-up who can’t grow up, perfectly captured in our two faves, Juno and Young Adult.

Leigh Brackett

What do the classics The Big Sleep and The Empire Strikes Back have in common? The genius writing of the groundbreaking Leigh Brackett, who covered all kinds of genres (mystery, Western, science fiction) in all sorts of mediums (film, television, novel).