Five Unexpected Icons from Tomboy Style’s Lizzie Garrett Mettler


Lizzie Garrett Mettler is basically an expert in all things tomboy. Obsessed with vintage cars, Airstream camping and digging up just the right duffel bag, the Los Angeles-based author of Tomboy Style (which shares its name with her utterly addictive blog) is the ultimate source of boy-meets-girl inspiration.  We picked her brain for tomboy icons of the not-so-obvious variety (who knew Ginger Rogers spent her weekends in waders?). Here, her top five choices.

The Sailor: Florence Arthaud

“She combines minimal French style with a nautical bent (like rolled-up chinos and Sperry Top-Siders) and always seems to have a determined look on her face—which you’d need for going solo across the Atlantic.”

The Writer: Françoise Sagan

“Sagan is mostly known for her existential essays and plays, but I found her wonderful carefree style to be as illuminating as her writing. Cropped jeans and a rollneck sweater with short, shaggy hair seems to have been her trademark, which she usually paired with a Jaguar or Aston Martin.”

The First Daughter: Susan Ford

“It’s hard for presidential families to compete with the Kennedys when it comes to style, but a dark horse in that arena would definitely be the hyper-athletic Ford family. When they weren’t on official business, they favored a sporty, rustic American look and the youngest of the group, Susan, had great tomboy style.”

The Actress/Dancer: Ginger Rogers

“I love when I find a woman who has two sides to her. Ginger Rogers is a perfect example—she was a super-feminine, glittered-up Hollywood dancer who couldn’t wait to wrap a movie and head north to her ranch in Oregon, where she fly-fished in waders and tended to her pigs.”

The Royal: Princess Caroline of Monaco

“Members of a royal family are always congratulated for elegance and dazzle, but it wasn’t Princess Caroline’s ball gowns or jewels that attracted me to her. She has an inherently sporty and minimal style that allows her to look really at home in a Barbour jacket and fisherman sweater, or barefoot on a boat with a pair of Ray-Bans.”

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