Weekly Roundup: What To Read This Weekend


As the weekend approaches—and with it hours of splendid free time to catch up on your reading—we round up a few things we found and loved this week.

Art: A diagrammed infographic of 100 famous movie quotes? Be still, our beating hearts, via Flowing Data.

Tech (sort of): A little “what do you know?” for the weekend: Each frame of this German animation was hand-painted on glass, via Friendly Neighborhood Doctor.

Music: The War On Drugs’s single “Red Eyes” is roll-down-the-windows, pretend-it’s-summer music if we’ve ever heard it, via Spin.

Books: You don’t think there’s a right or wrong way to read, until Virginia Woolf feeds you these observations, via Brain Pickings.

Humanities: Glitter. Glossy nail polish. Gleaming new cars. There’s a pretty crazy reason we loooove shiny things, via Fast Company.

Curiosities: For those whose spirits need lifting (and everyone else too): inspiration in fearless goats, via Bored Panda.

Word: serein (n., French): light rain that falls from a clear sky at dusk; evening calm. The word comes from both the French serein, meaning “serene, unclouded” and from the Old French serain, meaning “evening.”

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