Great Jeans Really Are Our Thing

Not to be nosy or anything, but have you checked out our Denim Bar lately? Because it’s looking rather spectacular, if we do say so ourselves. Our perfect-jeans formula is still the same: Add tons of stretch, plus really flattering washes, minus the whole bag-out situation and it all tallies up to the jeans of your dreams. (The life-altering rearview ain’t bad either.)


So what’s the latest? We’ve just introduced a crop of too-good styles and washes for spring.

The Skinny Skinny Crop, our newest fit, hits that sweet spot right below the calf so you can show off your entire shoe collection—boots, heels, sandals, sneakers, you name it—even more. We’re talking maximum legginess here.

But the thing we can’t stop talking about is our Slim Boyjean. A leaner, sexier take on our slouchy-meets-skinny Boyjean, this is The Fit right now—capital T, capital F. Why? Because it just look really, really good. Prepare yourself for double takes and multiple compliments.

What are you waiting for? Get thee to the Denim Bar.