Weekly Roundup: What To Read This Weekend


As you’re easing into the weekend, we round up a few things we found and loved this week—perfect for taking a break from baking Valentine’s Day cookies.

Art: A room with a view—we’re finding ourselves magnetically drawn to these fun shapes in bright neon lights (Hepcat Shades optional), via Green Grassi.

Music: Headphones in. Volume up. Our three-hour playlist, for when you’re back in the office on Monday, is guaranteed to start your week right, via the Madewell Blog.

Humanities: From Her to the here and now: the professional love letter ghostwriter role does in fact exist (seriously), via The Awl.

Curiosities: How to spell “side-eye,” “bougie” and “Jay Z”—plus, other modern-day grammar mysteries, decoded. Explore Buzzfeed’s style guide, via The Atlantic. 

Tech: In case you don’t have any paintbrushes handy—and are tired of all your Instagram filters—let this photo app work its magic, via Domaine Home.

Word: chatoyant (n., French): having a changeable lustre or color with an undulating narrow band of white light. The word comes from the French present participle of chatoyer, meaning “to shine like a cat’s eyes.”

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