Noticed: The Demi-Tucked Button-Down Shirt


Less than a half tuck, this tiny little style tweak is all about finding the mathematical happy place: 80 percent untucked, 20 percent tucked (and only up in front), making it easy to recognize the new demi-tuck when it waltzes by you on the street. (And since there’s something so laissez-faire about the whole thing, popping on a French demi only makes sense.)

Now, (allow us to get sentimental here, as we love a good styling trick) the afterthought of this front tuck evokes a kind of bohemian elegance—think Jane Birkin chasing after her children on a beach, or Suze Rotolo in a lover’s quarrel with Bob Dylan. Our dream duos for pulling off this pairing? A sleeveless oxford with skinny jeans or a roomy blouse with wide-leg denim trousers.

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