5 Things We Bet You Didn’t Know About Our Jeans

Here at Madewell, there’s no shortage of wonderment when it comes to our jeans. And by now you know the three main things: a) they’ve got tons of stretch, b) they never bag out and c) they do life-altering things to the rearview. But, as we found out when we recently swung by our denim design studio in downtown LA, that’s really just a start. Here, a few of our favorite denim factoids—so the next time someone compliments your Madewell jeans, you can smile, nod and drop a little knowledge.


1. We start by designing around your shoes. Or at least we keep them at the top of mind. The fit of our signature Skinny Skinny was tailor-made to wear with our Billie Boot. The inseam of our new shiny Skinny Crop fit? It shows just the right amount of ankle for heels.

2. It takes over 30 days to create one perfect pair of jeans. Cue the old “good things take time” adage that your granny has embroidered on a throw pillow. We won’t go into details (because if we did, it’d be more of a book than a blog post), but when it comes to crafting great jeans, a lot has to happen.

3. Those distressed details you love so much? They’re hand-finished, so each one’s unique. Our tailoring gurus know as much about fancy seams as they do about the right way to rip things up to get that worn-in look. (Case in point: our Slim Boyjean: Rip and Repair Edition). They only work on two pairs of jeans per day—like we said, the good stuff can’t be rushed—to make sure each one gets special attention.

4. An average of 47 different people are involved with making sure your jeans are perfect. From cutting the raw fabric to hand scraping the finishes to wrapping them up in a bag so they’re all ready to go home with you, there are more than 94 expert hands involved in making our jeans look, feel and fit just right. Our favorite step? When they embroider a tiny “M” on the back right pocket (we like to think of it as our little beauty mark).

5. We apply the finishing touches the old-fashioned way: with rocks, paper and scissors. Specifically, pumice stones and sandpaper—it’s all in the name of bringing you jeans that look like they’ve been loved (and have loved you right back) forever. So there you have it. Now armed with this denim insight, go forth and enjoy your jeans (even more).