Weekly Roundup: What To Read This Weekend


Long weekends were made for cozying up to a great read (or six), so we rounded up a few things we found and loved this week, in anticipation of the break.

Music: The denim-obsessed duo behind Jean Stories made us a mix of great American rock songs. Stream the playlist, via Madewell’s rdio.

Innovation: Five genius plans to turn the shuttered Métro stations of Paris into swimming pools and other public spaces, via Dezeen.

Love: Black is the new red (or so suggests this London florist’s black rose bouquets), via Design Taxi.

Beauty: Long weekend = mani time. Joanna Goddard and the commenters on her blog have dozens of winter shade recs, via A Cup of Jo.

Tech: The creator of the “so and so is typing…” chat bubble explains his anxiety-producing invention, via Slate.

Curiosities: Cement walls or pillowy bags of flour? This Brooklyn bakery cooks up some trompe l’oeil, via PSFK.

Fun: A little Madewell denim love fest went down on Instagram today. Check out the 500+ jeans fans who turned up, via Statigram.

Word: selcouth (adj., Old English): strange and unfamiliar, yet marvelous. The word comes from the Middle English seldcūth, meaning “seldom known.”

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