Either/Or With Erin Wasson


Before we took LA resident, jewelry designer, TV personality and Texan Tomboy Erin Wasson to Malta for our spring catalog shoot, we knew she would look great in our jeans, tees, swimsuits and accessories—that was a given. We suspected she would be pretty down to earth and easy to hang with (also true). But there were a few things we didn’t know: the fun stuff. For example, we learned she’s a fan of an old-fashioned phone call, she goes for a high five before a handshake and she prefers to travel by car rather than by airplane. How we discovered all this? Through our new handy questionnaire—we call it Either/Or. Erin took a break from shooting to answer our questions. See what else she’s into below.


See how Erin wears our sexy-tomboy spring collection here.