Our Spring Campaign Shoot in Malta, By The Numbers

Malta’s well known for its beautiful blue ocean views; its meandering, moped-filled streets walled by sandstone buildings; its relaxed, vacation vibes and its equally relaxed hospitality. Malta’s not so well known, though, for photo shoots featuring Texan tomboys—which is exactly why we headed there to capture the natural beauty of both the over-7,000-year-old island nation and the star of our spring campaign, Erin Wasson.

Here, a few things we learned about Malta—and a few of our favorite snaps from the trip.


19 hours: the time Erin Wasson spent on a plane from Los Angeles to Malta


2,612 vehicles per square mile: the number of cars, segways and scooters packed onto this tiny island (which is way higher than the world average)


63 degrees: the temperature in Malta the day we shot Erin


3 beaches: the number of sandy spots we visited during our shoot. Mellieha is the largest; Golden Bay is shallow and great for snorkeling; the Blue Lagoon has the clearest waters. To ensure shores are quiet and calm, all big boats moor in the Grand Harbour (pictured above).


7,000 years: the duration of the Maltese civilization (give or take a few hundred years). Strolling through the city streets—which is to say, dodging speeding scooters—feels like stepping into another era.


122 miles: the square mileage of this tiny country (one of the smallest in the world)


1,096 café and restaurant reviews: the number we read prior to our trip, to gather intel on where to grab a bite in Malta

Endless: the combinations of outfits we put together for the shoot. Take a peek at and shop the catalog here.