Noticed: The Exaggerated Denim Cuff


To ask how much cuff is too much is to ask the wrong question. To ask which jeans will work best for getting this exaggerated, ankle-baring, slightly stiff shape and why? Now we can talk.

Let’s address the why first. Giving jeans one swift fold suggests style intentionality. “Yes, I meant to do this. Yes, it makes even slouchy jeans look crisp.” It suits both the Saturday sneaks-and-tee ensemble and the silk-blouse-and-single-soled-pumps look equally well. And, as a bonus, your shoes will get a little extra attention.

Now, as to which jeans look best, we suggest a heavier denim (this will keep your cuff, well, cuffed) in a roomy silhouette (like these or these). And they need to be long, of course, which means you’ve just found a way to wear them prior to that trip to the tailor.

Since this style tweak might pique curiosity, here’s a little denim cuffing history: Cuffs originally helped commuters avoid splatters from mud and puddles before the days of paved roads. Later, tailors gave the pants of banker clients an equally practical narrow cuff—to catch falling change. Lesson learned: Always check those cuffs.

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Special thanks to Area Inc.

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