Inside Somsack Sikhounmuong’s Work Space and Apartment, Coveteur-Style

As our head of design, Somsack Sikhounmuong creates those effortlessly cool pieces we spend our days in. So it’s no surprise that his home and office are places we wouldn’t mind spending our days in either. The lucky crew at The Coveteur got a look at where Somsack spends his time.


Our Mini Transport Crossbody bags—scaled-down versions of our Transport Tote—enjoy a view of Manhattan.


Our Western Jean Shirt in Pond Wash and Park Overalls in Skyview hang—fittingly—on Somsack’s inspiration wall. Instead of periodically taking everything off the wall and starting fresh, he pins image over image.


Three of Somsack’s obsessions: great research materials, sneakers and, of course, denim. (Our Slim Boyjean fit—here, in the Rip and Repair Edition—has created a new breed of denim devotees.)


Get the full tour over at The Coveteur.