How We Dye Our Light Storm Denim (There’s a Method to the Madness)


As a nod to longer, brighter days, our denim designers dreamed up and brought to life a sun-bleached hue of supersoft denim. Take note: This is not the acid wash of decades past—we call this shade “light storm,” and it’s not created with the throw-in-the-washer-with-a-heavy-coating-of-Clorox method you may be imagining. We spoke with our head denim guru, Aubrey, and while a magician never reveals her secrets, we did discover that there’s an art to getting it right, which requires time, patience and some hands-on TLC.

The lightweight denim starts fresh in a deep shade of indigo. Designers then hand-sew little folds into it. This prevents some of the fabric from coming in contact with a very special formula we created (it’s perfectly blended to not oversaturate the denim). Next, we wash the material over and over, so the original blue is gently extracted from the fibers. This results in a one-of-a-kind piece that’s so beautiful you might want to frame it (though we suggest wearing it 24/7 instead).


Erin Wasson, on location in Malta, wears our Western Jean Shirt in Light Storm and our Skinny Skinny Crop Jeans in Light Storm.