Noticed: Muscle Tees and Delicate Jewelry


Muscle tees: A tough name for a pretty friendly style. But there’s a trick to making this typically masculine silhouette a bit more feminine — and it’s all about the right accessories. Whether it’s a quiet gold necklace or a string of gilded beads finished with colorful tassels, delicate jewelry here has the effect of a whisper, not a shout. And that’s just how we like it.


Tip: Keep jewelry featherlight and subtle. Our stylist’s rule of thumb? No more than three bracelets to a stack, and wear your necklaces long.

Erin Wasson, on location in Malta, wears our Linen Paris Stencil Muscle Tee, Gildpath Necklace, Gildpath Bracelet, Glider Bangle and Leather ID Bracelet.