Weekly Roundup: What To Read This Weekend


Ah, spring: fresh flowers, fresh air, fresh denim, fresh things to read whilst in the aforementioned air and denim… Here’s what we’ll be reading this weekend. Won’t you join us?

Art: The most artful way to procrastinate yet: a DIY-Picasso, via Picasso Head.

Travel: This modern Aussie beach house has us saving our pennies, via Trendland.

Film: What’s a good spy without a great spymobile? Here’s an infographic of all the Bond cars, via Design Taxi.

Tech: Twitter turns eight today! Celebrate by reading the first thing you ever tweeted, via first-tweets.

Brevity: Twitter might disagree, but E. B. White suggests writing without rules or word counts. As he wisely points out, “Shakespeare…seldom said anything in six words that could be said in twenty,” via Brain Pickings.

Word: lagniappe (n., Spanish): Translated literally as “a little something extra,” it’s a small gift given to a customer, like the 13th doughnut when purchasing a dozen.

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