One-of-a-kind-esque Pieces from JM Drygoods


Our new favorite discovery and addition to our Labels We Love family is, coincidentally, a brand based entirely around the concept of discovery. JM Drygoods™, an Austin boutique owned by Michelle Teague, stocks richly crafted clothing and accessories handmade by Mexican artisans. These are pieces you would ordinarily have to travel for…and then actually be able to find (it’s that last part that requires a very, very unique talent). That’s where Teague comes in—she has a knack for unearthing the best of the best, which comes from doing things the old-fashioned way. She’s always asking questions on her travels, even if that means approaching a stranger on the street with a “where’d you get that?” and then going straight to their source.

Her collection for us features a unique embroidery technique called “hazme si puedes” (translation: “try if you can”), meaning this not your average handiwork. She’s partial to this dress (“because the color combination is genius”), this caftan (a beach vacation in wardrobe form) and this sash belt (can a summer afternoon be tied around your waist?). Basically, we’d like one of everything.

In the Austin area? We’re hosting a party with JM Drygoods and would love to see you there. Check out details here.

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