Weekly Roundup: What To Read This Weekend


Because it’s the weekend and because we’ve got glorious t-i-m-e on our hands: a few things to click on while you wait for a brunch table.

Travel: A very insightful infographic on restaurant etiquette in countries likely on your travel wish list. Practice your manners now, learn to fake the accent later, via PSFK.

Food: The comprehensive no-tears, no-cuts, no-cursing-yourself GIF guide to cutting produce like a pro, via First We Feast. (Who knew that’s how you cut a lime?)

Sociology: How you make small talk with strangers has a lot to do with where you’re from—just watch this revealing four-minute video, via The Atlantic.

Inspiration: This quirky two-minute video offers super-simple tips for staying productive and creative at work, at the gym and at home, via 99u.

Word: wabi-sabi (n. or adj.; Japanese): finding beauty in what is simple and imperfect. Art critics use it to mean “flawed beauty.”

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