Noticed: Baseball Hats, Everywhere


You’ve probably noticed—baseball hats are everywhere. Their original function—shielding eyes from the sun to better throw a curve ball—has become less important than their style appeal (which, you guessed it, is what we’re really after). So if your athletic ability or fan-ship is limited, here are some rules to achieve an effect that’s more “cool” than “coach.”

Rule number one? Ground the whole sporty thing with a feminine thing (try a swingy sundress or an embroidered jacket). If you really are going to do head-to-toe tomboy, just do it with bleacher- (not field) friendly pieces. Secondly, embrace the carefree, fuss-free attitude of the hat and keep hair loose. The mussed-up je ne sais quoi of slightly tousled bedhead is, in our humble opinion, a home run.

Like what you see here? It’s the Biltmore® x Madewell Baseball Hat and Folkstich jacket.

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