New Chimala Jeans To Obsess Over


You’re likely already familiar with our love of Chimal—the Japanese denim from designer Noriko Machida that’s not easy to get your hands on. But when you do snag a pair, you’ll have jeans that you’ll love for a long time. The latest arrivals from this small-batch denim maker include some great new shapes—like these selvedge baggy jeans and this tapered pair.

There is something undeniably appealing, something so right for right now, about Chimala’s silhouettes. We think it has something to do with those fits (which are unlike anything else out there). They’re sexy in a laid-back, androgynous way, as if to say, “I don’t have to try.” Noriko says the jeans aren’t designed with a certain gender in mind. Instead, she pulls references from the strength of military workwear with an eye toward understatement. And there really is something delightfully unisex to them. When asked who she really loves seeing in her jeans, Noriko offered a very diplomatic response: “I don’t differentiate between stylish women and stylish men. I just love people who have their own style and wear clothes with confidence and attitude.” So to that we say: hide these from your boyfriend.

Sold on the idea of loosening up?
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