#Totewell: Where We’ve Taken Our Transport Totes


With temperatures (finally) on the rise and the long Memorial Day weekend approaching, we’ve got travel on the brain. For some inspiration—and in the spirit of our #totewell contest—we asked a few of our friends from around the office to share memorable places they’ve journeyed with theirs.

“Each spring, before the tourist frenzy of high summer, my family and I head to Coney Island. I like to think the sea air helps the bag age well.”
—Alice, art director

“Aside from the daily crush of my subway commute, mine’s been to Hong Kong, Tokyo and it’s coming with me to Tulum in a few weeks.”
—Ash, designer

“Mine’s been everywhere with me—even on my honeymoon in Yosemite, where I had to hide it from bears because of the treats I stored in it.”
—Melissa, visual designer

“A market in Morocco and a few slightly rambunctious nights out with my girlfriends—even red wine spills age the leather well.”
—Lauren, designer

“It sees steamy locker rooms at the gym daily, but has also held its own in some fancy spots, like the NoMad restaurant where it was given to me for my birthday.”
—Maddie, writer

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