Weekly Roundup: What To Read This Weekend


Sometimes, you want something to talk about besides the weather (beautiful though it may be). Here’s some fodder for conversation this weekend.

Ladies: A little-known interview with Susan B. Anthony resurfaced that shares her thoughts on topics like riding bikes and whether women should propose (spoiler alert: yes), via The Hairpin.

Music: The first single from Robyn and Röyksopp’s collaboration will bloom in your ears like a crazy dance-hall flower (and you can stream it on your phone), via Stereogum.

Physiology: Squinting at the screen right now? Here’s why that helps us see better, via 22 Words.

Trends: It seems the “shelfie” is a bona fide Instagram craze, via Wall Street Journal. At least it inspires tidiness…

Word: desenrascanço (v.; Portuguese): To get yourself out of a sticky situation; to MacGyver it.

Warmer weather just inspires great tweets and Instagrams. Follow us for more.

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