How To Get Beachy, Wavy Hair In 5 Minutes


Beachy, wind-whipped hair: Basically a style accessory, right? So we asked our friend and stylist Frankie Denise Meyerson—a wavy-haired city girl herself—how to master the sea-salted look when you’re landlocked and tight on time.

1. Skip the shampoo for a day. It’ll deflate extra volume. Run a comb from root to end to distribute your hair’s natural oils evenly. (We like Kent’s handmade rake comb for its wide teeth, solid feel and polished tortoise look.)

2. Mist dry shampoo into your roots. Flip hair upside down and spray short bursts of powder into your roots. “A little grit is needed to avoid that freshly washed look. Dry shampoo will add texture and absorb any extra grease so you don’t look dirty,” says Frankie Denise.

3. Add in some waves (optional). Wrap large sections of hair around the outside of a small curling iron or even a hair straightener on its highest heat setting. “The key is to wrap hair in alternating directions, and wrap some tighter than others,” says Frankie Denise. “You can leave the ends out for a less done look too.”

4. Set the style with a finishing spray. Mist a lightweight hair spray over your entire head—it loosely holds hair in place so your waves last until you hit the shower or the beach…whichever comes first.

5. Avoid hair ties. Instead, twist hair up into a bun and secure with spiral pins (a hair elastic will leave hair creased). Et voilà!


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