#madewellues: Celebrating Our New Uptown Manhattan Shop

Last night we fêted our new uptown Manhattan store—the third in our flagship city of New York. And, in Upper East Side fashion, celebrated with a very proper housewarming (only ours had an instant photo booth). Despite rain clouds overhead, the sun finally came out and so did some of our local friends, who we asked to finish this sentence: “You know you’re a New Yorker when…”


From the top: plants by The Sill; our photo booth fill-in-the-blank cards; belts on belts; wordplay

Bites: Sweet and savory snacks from Melia Marden of The Smile, a favorite lunch spot near our offices. (The shiitake thyme tartlets and peanut butter and jelly cookies disappeared in minutes.)

Sips: Basil lemonade and Lorenza rosé (from the vineyard of Michele Ouellet, one of our models).

Sounds: Harley Viera-Newton and Tennessee Thomas’s mix of Motown and rock.

Party favors: Miniature potted succulents from The Sill. (Shop the Madewell collection here.)

Favorite fill-in-the-blank questionnaire (this was tough!): “You know you’re a New Yorker when…walking 20 blocks to dinner is nothing!”

New York friends: You love monogramming as much as we do — so we’re extending our on-the-spot (free) monogram service at our Madison store through tomorrow, May 23rd. Plus, you’ll get a Bien Fait tote bag with every purchase and we’ll get your goods to you by messenger absolutely gratis when you spend $250+. In other words, stop by and say hi. (Details here.)