Weekly Roundup: What To Read This Weekend


Long weekends deliver something the 47 regular weekends can’t: more freedom to do whatever it is you enjoy. Here’s what we’ll be reading this weekend…whenever we please.

Sincerity: If you think you’re getting a pity laugh, you probably are. As it turns out, we’re pretty good at telling fake laughter from the real deal, via Time.

Dwellings: This Pinterest board of treehouses you can eat, sleep and play in is a lumber party, via Dezeen. (Sorry, had to.)

Ponderings: This list asks, “Hemingway or emails from my mother?” Surprisingly hard to tell, via McSweeney’s.

Repairs: Here’s the painstaking process the Tate Modern went through to fix a defaced Rothko, via Financial Times.

Destinations: The smallest state just got the coolest new hotel—take a tour through Rhode Island’s The Dean, via Cool Hunting.

Newness: We opened up shop on Madison Avenue this week (our third store in New York City). Here’s a peek at what a Madewell housewarming looks like, via us.

Word: gadabout (n.; English): one who seeks merriment and flirts with all that is fun.

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