Mara Hoffman’s Top 5 Swim Spots


Bikini days are on the horizon, which means it’s time to plan—or at least start seriously dreaming about—your next getaway, complete with blue skies and a swimsuit to match. This is where designer Mara Hoffman, part of our Labels We Love family, comes in. She’s not only a master of flattering and colorful suits, but she has also perfected the great escape—especially when swimming is involved (places with volcanoes optional, though Mara-recommended). In no particular order, Mara gives us her five favorite heaven-on-earth swim spots.

Santorini, Greece: Mystique Resort 

Mara says: It has an infinity pool with the most insane view overlooking a volcano.

Also worth knowing: Due to its pretty magical geological makeup (including layers of volcanic ash), the 28-square-mile island has red, white and black sand beaches.

Post-swim agenda: Mountain bike between the island’s 13 villages or check out the Pompeii-like ancient Minoan site of Akrotíri.

Karnataka, India: Om Beach Ayurvedic Resort 

Mara says: When I visited India, I spent a lot of time at the beautiful beaches in Karnataka on the Arabian Sea. The water was superclear and warm, and I felt like I was a million miles away from anything.

Also worth knowing: One of the five beaches surrounding the resort is naturally (and auspiciously) shaped like the sacred om symbol.

Post-swim agenda: The resort offers astrological readings, Ayurvedic spa treatments and waterfall strolls.

Lake Atitlán, Guatemala: Isla Verde Hotel

Mara says: I recently went to Guatemala and spent a day at Lake Atitlán. The water is turquoise and the lake is surrounded by volcanoes. Surreal!

Also worth knowing: The beautiful body of water (which you can explore by kayak) is 1,120 feet deep, making it the deepest lake in Central America.

Post-swim agenda: Hike the volcanoes, hop into the hot springs or explore local Mayan history with a weaving tutorial.

Tulum, Mexico: Posada Margherita Hotel

Mara says: It’s great for interesting people watching and they have a really nice white sand beach.

Also worth knowing: Between the months of April and September, thousands of sea turtles lay eggs on the beaches by moonlight.

Away from the water: Don’t miss out on the restaurant’s fresh pasta, made by the Italian-born owners.

South Beach, Miami: Shore Club South Beach

Mara says: Perfect for a quick winter getaway!

Also worth knowing: The main infinity pool (there are four) averages 84 degrees Fahrenheit and is surrounded by hand-painted pillows and throws. The original hotel was constructed in 1949, making its lobby an art deco landmark.

Extras: Nab a bike from the concierge and ride over to the Bass Museum of Art, mere minutes away.


Mara Hoffman suits pictured clockwise left-to-right: cosmic fountain embroidered bikini, cosmic fountain V-wire bikini, jungle trip bikini, jungle trip V-wire bikini.

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