Weekly Roundup: What to Read this Weekend


Because we believe that one great link deserves another—here are a few of our favorite Internet finds this week…

Music: Forty-five minutes of electro-dance-pop to get you excited for whatever your weekend has in store, via Gorilla vs. Bear.

Inspiration: An anonymous duo at an Ohio art school has been beautifully illustrating motivational quotes on chalkboards, via My Modern Met.

Puppies: You’ll want to hit refresh on this. Over and over, via Puppy Zone.

Winning: We handpicked three winners in our #totewell Instagram contest. But don’t stop the bag ’grams: Your pictures can still end up in our gallery, via us.

Word: cordiform (adj.; English): shaped like a heart (as in, we’ll be making cordiform pancakes on Sunday morning).

And after the show is the after-party: We’re tweeting and Instagramming off the clock too. Follow us.

P.S. The color-coded bookshelf above belongs to Kate Brien of View From the Topp. Check out our interview with her here.