Weekly Roundup: What To Read This Weekend


We’re still on the lookout for the “song of the summer,” but we did find plenty of great things to read and watch while the temperature rises. Here, a few favorites from this week.

Art: In Hong Kong, your phone becomes part of a light show by playing music to the beat of a pulsing skyscraper, via Blouin Artinfo.

Caffeine: We’re not saying matcha is the new coffee, but matcha might be the new coffee, via The Horticult.

Dance: From Pulp Fiction to Bande à Part, here’s a roundup of the best dance moments in film, via AnOther.

Trends: An Instagram trend that doesn’t need a name—but it does deserve a hashtag: #floorcore, via Lonny.

Word: eigengrau (n.; German): the color seen in perfect darkness, also known as “dark light”.

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P.S., that’s our Awning Stripe Scarf (which, thanks to its size, doubles as an excellent beach blanket).