Weekly Roundup: What To Read This Weekend


Uncertainties in these almost-officially summer days: getting-outta-town traffic, SPF reapplication, whether you need that second iced coffee (yes, we say). One certainty to count on: great things to read online (the Internet never did take cues from Mother Nature). Here, some links we loved this week:

Music: Can you believe shooting hazy ’80s-inspired music videos like this one is Blood Orange’s day job? (Also, the dancing has us extra appreciative of our stretch denim, via Pitchfork.)

Art: An artist strung up simple quilts (of her own design) in vastly different settings while on a road trip from her hometown in Oklahoma to the California coast, and the effect is lovely, via Miss Moss.

Compliments: Telling someone they think like a monkey is a good thing, since new research shows chimps outsmart humans in strategy games, via Kottke.

Word: koi no yokan (n.; Japanese): the feeling, upon meeting someone, that the two of you will fall in love.

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