On Wearing White Jeans Without Worry


We’ve never really bothered with the “rules of fashion,” so in that same spirit, we’re wearing our whites biking, picnicking, beaching—basically anywhere good sense suggests we shouldn’t. Here’s how we keep them fresh. (Spoiler alert: We don’t.)

Relax. Stains come out. The ones that don’t become conversation starters.

Wear your jeans. Like, really wear them. Stroll through a museum, change a tire, cook a killer lasagna and sip cocktails…maybe all in the same day.

Avoid the bleach. (Especially chlorine.) The chemicals cause denim to yellow and wear thin.

Try D.I.Y. tailoring. Instead of a proper hemming, why not try this? Grab some scissors and chop them yourself. There’s something gracefully balanced about fresh white jeans and an ankle-skimming frayed edge.


Marie, one of our designers, wears Skinny Skinny Jeans in Pure White, a Linen Ringer Muscle Tee, a Loopthrough Belt and The Marcel Heel.


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