Do Well: Bamboula Ltd. & Madewell

140701_MWSM_Bamboula_46_Crop If there were a Labels We Love hall of fame, Bamboula Ltd. would have made the cut a few years back (we’ve been toting their one-of-a-kind works of transportable art for the past four years). We not only love the bags, but we’re also really enamored with their mission.

Jasperdean Kobes, the longtime owner of the Kutztown, Pennsylvania-based company fell in love with African handwork as a Peace Corps volunteer in Ethiopia. She moved on to a career in banking before combining both interests with the purchase of Bamboula Ltd. in 1989. Her specialty is helping female teams of artisans worldwide to use their existing skills and local materials to create fresh designs.

“For these women, the work is an opportunity to earn income that helps to support them and their families,” says Jasperdean. It’s no wonder Jasperdean believes that the best way to give back is to “discover your interests and follow them.” We’d say that’s some solid life advice too.

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