Weekly Roundup: What To Read This Weekend


Today is the 199th day of the year and, coincidentally, we can think of about 199 things we’re loving right now, including one-piece swimsuits, getting phone reception while traveling, this list of links we’ve been emailing around the office…

Manners: To French Exit or hug every. single. person. good-bye? A handy flow chart, via Tech Page One.

Music: This 24/7 stream of disco-pop (set to ’80s films) is best listened to, as the name suggests, poolside, via PoolsideFM.

Ch-ch-ch-changes: Anyone just finish their first year of college? Did you change as much as these freshmen? Via the New York Times.

Technology: The Instagram you versus the real you—the great debate, in pie chart form, via The Hairpin.

Word: komorebi (n.; Japanese): the scattered, dappled shadows cast by the sun shining through the trees.

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