Weekly Roundup: What To Read This Weekend


Consider this your haul from the weekend farmer’s market of links: fresh, good for you and best consumed in the company of friends (you’ll want to share).

Travel: 28 “why didn’t we think of that?” hacks to streamline packing, via Buzzfeed.

Productivity: Single-tasking is the new multitasking (e.g., feel free to read just our blog, all day), via The Atlantic.

Concerts: Thanks to NPR’s live stream—and smartphones—we can all be at the Newport Folk Festival in spirit, via NPR.

Music: Grimes layers her sweet, airy vocals on top of the latest track from Bleachers (the new solo project from the lead guitarist of fun.), via Radio.

Food: A pineapple guacamole recipe (and jicama chips to serve it with), via us.

Word: retrouvaille (n.; French): the joy of finding someone again after a long separation.

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