Weekly Roundup: What To Read This Weekend


If you read everything here, it’ll take you approximately 23 minutes—which means those are 23 minutes you won’t be thinking, “how is it already the last month of summer?”

Hypnotizing: This mesmerizing visualization lets you follow a day in the life of an NYC taxi, via Heroku.

Music: White Sea (the solo project of a member of M83) remixed Lorde’s song “Team,” and it’s ear caffeine in the best way, via Stereogum.

Art: There’s no way these dreamy photos of women are paintings (except that they are paintings), via Design Taxi.

Emojis: Email like you text. Copy and paste the little guys into Gmail, thanks to this brilliant website, via CopyPasteCharacter.

Word: nazlanmak (v.; Turkish): the act of saying no, but meaning yes.

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