Fill In The Blanks With Brooklyn Florist Lisa Przystup


The most enviably stylish women are inevitably those who have the most going on—whose sartorial style is only a fraction of what makes them so cool—which is precisely why we’re taken with Brooklynite Lisa Przystup, a florist/writer/sometimes waitress. We stopped by her home to chat about the merits of a personal uniform and the benefits of feeling underdressed.

In one sentence, I’m a….
Florist moonlighting as a writer moonlighting as an occasional waitress. My company’s called James’s Daughter. Yes, that’s actually my dad’s name.

And when I’m off the clock, I…


I feel most at home…
In Brooklyn, with my fiancé and a whole lotta plants.

When I’m getting dressed…
I tend to gravitate toward basic, classic and unfussy shapes, so I’m pretty happy that jeans and T-shirts are somehow the look of the moment. I was constantly feeling underdressed, and now I at least feel some sense of sartorial grace.

If I have two seconds to get out the door, I pull on my trusty combination of…
High-waisted jeans and a basic tee. Or a henley. Or one of my fiance’s sweaters. And clogs.


A little known talent of mine is…
Being an expert plant and mug collector. I’m also a magazine stacker extraordinaire.

Anyone who knows me would say that I’m always…
Making lists.

And because, of course, we have to ask: The best jeans are…
High-waisted, broken-in, actual real denim. More denim than elastane.

Above, Lisa is wearing Madewell High Riser Skinny Skinny Jeans and our Linen Tee. Below, she is wearing a Sundown Maxidress, a leather jacket (similar here), Swedish Hasbeen shoes and a vintage hat.


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