Weekly Roundup: What To Read This Weekend

140530_MWSM_Show+Tell_Morgane_64_instaIt’s National Relaxation Day—cheers to that—so while we feel just a teeny bit hesitant to suggest you do, well, anything at all, we couldn’t help but share the things we found and loved this week. Now, take ten deep breaths…

Fashion: From the beret to the fez, 80 hats from around the world, via Design Taxi.

Backward: Fireworks are beautiful, sure. But fireworks in reverse, shot from a drone? Spectacular, via Gizmodo.

Music: Nostalgic for Top 40 tunes from the early 2000s? This blog has got you covered (and is pleasantly straightforward in title), via The Songs You Used To Love.

Word: tsundoku (n.; Japanese): the habit of buying books and not reading them, and instead letting them pile up on your nightstand.

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