Happy Birthday, Blog


Three years ago, when we wrote our very first blog post, things were different. As in, “only 24 stores, no Instagram (if you can believe…), no Skinny Skinny” different. But now, we’re three years older, much wiser and, if we dare say, a little better dressed. And while a big party isn’t really our style, a little nostalgia certainly is. Here, six of our all-time favorite posts from the past year.


1. Of the many style tweaks that have caught our eye this year, tying leather jackets around the waist really made an impression (it has one-upped the waist-tied flannel, if you ask us).


2. We love a good how-to—and were particularly excited to figure out how to achieve the perfect patina on our Transport Tote. Pre-rolling the bag? Genius.


3. While it’s really hard to choose favorites from our Show + Tell profiles, we did talk about being beamed into Kate Brien of View From The Topp’s dreamy LA life at length.


4. Music has gotten us through many, many workdays (writing blog posts!), which is why out of all our playlists“How is it already Monday?” was listened to again and again. And again.


5. Malta sprung to the top of our “places to visit” list following this post, where we broke down our spring 2014 campaign shoot with Erin Wasson by the hours spent in flight, the restaurant reviews we read, the beaches we checked out and more.


6. Learning that a nutritious snack does not have to take hours to make and include lots of ingredients we’re not sure how to pronounce was a game changer—and precisely why we’ve been sharing the link to this chia berry smoothie with all our friends.

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