Weekly Roundup: What To Read This Weekend


Photography by Angi Welsch

Sure, the Internet is a vast place, with rabbit holes and hidden corners—it’s formally called the World Wide Web, after all—but we love the hunt and unearthing those secret gems worth passing on. So consider us modern-day Indiana Joneses. Just in way cooler jeans.

Efficiency: 70 incredibly handy one-specific-use websites, for everything from checking local gas prices to printing just the content you want on a webpage, via This Isn’t Happiness.

Selfies: Women being awesome in photo booths, from 1900 to 1970, via The Retronaut.

Home: Frustrating apartment search? Read this. You’ll feel better. Or at least laugh, via McSweeney’s.

Recycling: In defense of the good old seasonal closet detox, via Garance Doré. (P.S. You can recycle your old jeans in our stores and get $20 off a new pair—details here.)

Word: fika (v.; Swedish): drinking coffee while eating something sweet, often instead of a nightcap.

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