Noticed: The Folded-Over Bag Clutch


Photography by Angi Welsch

This twist on carrying a purse has unfolded—or, more accurately, folded—right before our eyes: tucking a tote gently in half underneath your arm and treating it as a clutch. Sure, it’s a curious idea, but here’s why we’re on board.

After getting inspired by women we’ve seen casually strolling the New York City streets, we realized that carrying a tote as a clutch—leather folded into a thick crease, straps left loose—is less about the bag and more what it says about the carrier. In other words, she can subsist, noon to night, on the basics: a wallet, her keys, a folded copy of a good book or magazine and maybe a lipstick rolling around in the bottom for chance run-ins. The challenge is not forgoing the straps—it’s about forgoing the baggage that requires them. And as the season for layering approaches, it’s the perfect way to keep the load light.

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