Our Fall Catalog Shoot in Paris, By The Numbers


Just like the croissants we enjoyed in Paris, the city itself is lovely and layered from the outskirts all the way to the center—and it’s the little intricacies throughout that make it so delicious. In between shots for our fall catalog with our muse Malgosia Bela, we explored the city that has stolen our hearts, inspired some of our favorite pieces and taught us a thing or two about style.

Here, a look at the numbers that went into our three-day shoot, from the number of sunny days we saw to the number of missed flights. (We’d say it all worked out just fine.)


6 inches: the amount the Eiffel Tower shrinks in colder weather as the steel condenses.


37 magazines: the (estimated) total amount of reading and inspiration materials the team brought to the shoot, which came in handy during the two missed flight connections.


673 panels: the pieces of glass cut to create the pyramid at the Louvre. (Urban legend claims it’s actually 666, and one journalist believes it’s 689. We didn’t try to count.)


1 apartment: HQ for our shoot, where the sounds of Fleetwood Mac drifted out the windows and onto the street while we shot on the terrace.


36 years: that’s how long a man in Paris has been hosting strangers for dinner every Sunday. (Google him: Jim Haynes.)


1 day: the amount of sunny weather we got. Otherwise, it was drizzly with a chance of hot tea and good music.


Photography by Angi Welsch

1 stop sign: the number of “Arrêt” signposts in the city of Paris—it’s located in the quiet, museum-dotted 16th arrondissement. (Of course, there are plenty of traffic lights.)

Endless: the combinations of outfits we put together for the shoot. Shop the catalog here and pin your favorite looks here.