Weekly Roundup: What To Read This Weekend


A few little things we read and heard about that are making us smile this week—in addition to the fact that there are officially three more days of summer left…

Decor: Domino—the interior design mag which is blessedly back in print after a four-year hiatus—visited the apartment of our head of design, Somsack, and now we’re planning a full-blown redesign of our own homes (that’s Somsack’s living room in the photo above), via Domino.

DIY: A Who What Wear editor asked us how we give our jeans that just-distressed-enough look, so we grabbed some sandpaper and a power drill and put her to work, via WhoWhatWear.

Mood: Permission to stop what you’re doing and listen to your favorite song because science says so (it’s an instant happiness boost), via Smithsonian.

Inspiration: A corner of the Internet to visit (and bookmark): New York-based photographer Charlie Engman’s Tumblr of his beautiful works in progress, via Digital Sketchbook.

Word: deipnosophist (n; Greek): one with excellent conversational skills at dinner parties and meals.

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