Weekly Roundup: What To Read This Weekend


Photography by Angi Welsch

This week, we’re all about the life hack. Here, four links about decorating, working and learning a little bit better.

Efficiency: Following this very simple rule at the office could save you 80 hours of work a year. Start planning a trip for those two saved weeks, via 99U.

Friendship: The charmingly modern way David Hockney gives his friends fresh flowers every morning (and you can do it too), via NPR.

Podcasts: A “holy moly, I had no idea” of a web series explores design that usually goes unnoticed, from ways to enhance sound at sporting events to simple sidewalks, via 99 Percent Invisible.

Simplifying: How saying no (and being a “refusenik”) leads to living, dressing and decorating in a more authentic way, via The New York Times.

Word: coucher de soleil (n.; French): sunset. Literally translated, it means “bedtime of the sun.”

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