Noticed: Dresses Over Jeans


It’s no big mystery that a dress is, by reductionist standards, a long shirt (no offense to a silhouette we rely on for its versatility), so when we noticed women wearing dresses over pants—you know, as shirts—we had to test out the simple tweak ourselves.

The Ease-Into-It Way

Black skinny jeans, if you think about it, aren’t all that unlike tights, so they can essentially be treated similarly for an effect that’s a touch more familiar. That said, we suggest letting your jeans bunch up around the tops of ankle boots or your favorite sneakers as a way of saying, “yes, this is denim.”


Photography by Angi Welsch

The All-In Way

This is what we call owning it: Pair lighter washed jeans with a loose, luxe dress. Those are jeans, loud and proud—not leggings, not tights—and the effect when coupled with a silk dress seems to say, “Silk? Fancy? Says who?”

And the number of shirts in your wardrobe just doubled.

First, Brie is wearing our Daywalk Shirtdress, Skinny Skinny Jeans in Black Frost and The Ray Boot. Second, Brie is wearing our Poncho Dress, Skinny Skinny Rip and Repair Jeans and The Mira Heel.

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Very special thanks to the Broome Hotel.