Weekly Roundup: What to Read This Weekend


We spent all week dreaming up Big Fall Plans—apple picking, bread baking (actually doing it this time, seriously, the ingredients are purchased!), hanging a gallery wall—just to realize that sometimes what you really want is comfy sweats, the snooze button and a great read or two. Feel the same?

Psychology: Some pretty cool science behind why original art moves us more than reproductions, via Pacific Standard.

Music: The pulsing, echoey new single from pop-star-to-be TĀLĀ (yes, all caps) is headphone-melting, via Gorilla vs. Bear.

Food: A searchable feast: The New York Public Library is digitizing its vintage menu collection, transcribed by volunteers, via NYPL.

Analog: Eight new books to cozy up with this month, from memoirs to short stories, via Vulture.

Word: hygge (n.; Danish): the coziness you feel from being around friends, family and great food in a warm environment; all the aspects of coziness rolled into one.

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Photography by Angi Welsch.